Core values

We have a set of core values that we live and breathe during our daily working lives. 

These help us to do our job to the best ability in order to provide all of our customers with the highest and most professional service on a daily basis. These principles have been implemented as part of our brand guidelines and we ensure that each member of staff working for us carries them throughout everything they do.


We have a lot of trust in each other to challenge the way we do business on a day to day basis. Which in turn, enables us to deliver a world class service to our customers.


There’s nothing wrong with having some level of banter, (especially in our working environment). But ultimately having respect for each other helps us to create a happy team which then equals happy customers.


We work as a team at S&H, building better relationships between ourselves, allows us to build stronger relationships with our customers.

Personal Growth

If we do better and learn new skills it’s easier for us to help others and make world class improvements to our business and to the businesses of our customers.


We love to learn and improve all the time at S&H and whether someone has done something good or even completed a task, we love to celebrate a job well done!


We know that everybody is different and they may have their own way of doing things, this is why we encourage our team to put themselves in someone else’s shoes.

Looking for a company that shares your values on business? That's us.