LED Lighting Benefits

LED Benefits

Reduces your lighting energy usage and costs by 50-80%.

LEDs use 50-80% less wattage than fluorescent lighting which means 50-80% less to run.




Quality LED products have a long life span, generally 50,000 hours of life, which means no more changing light bulbs for the next 5-10 years. That can mean an additional huge saving as you no longer need to buy replacement light bulbs and fittings, or go to the effort of changing them.

Instant savings from the moment of install and cash positive from day one.

Carbon savings.

100 per first year enhanced capital allowance tax savings with LED.

Help the environment by reducing your CO2 emissions as a business and improve your social responsibility as a company, your future partners, suppliers and customers are looking for this.

Health Benefits

LED Benefits

• Increased employee or student motivation and commitment
• Enhanced drug efficacy, e.g. of antidepressants (in hospitals)
• Reduced therapy times and capacity requirements
• "Mood support" in wellness and dining areas
• Improved concentration and energy