Frequently Asked Questions

LED Facts


A. Longer lasting and reduces your energy bills.

A. When you get us to fit your new LED lights we offer a 2 year on-site warranty so 100% no maintenance costs for 2 years and s 5 year manufacturers warranty.

A. For greater energy savings we fit a sensor to manage lighting times and dimming percentage.

A. The audit is completely free and our trained electrician will come and meet you and walk around your property and then you will receive a personalised booklet with a full breakdown.

A. We use your savings that you gain from fitting LED lights to fund the finance so you will never pay more than your current energy bills until its paid then you feel the full savings.

Planned & Reactive Maintenance

A. We react as requested by our clients to complete unplanned jobs that requires rapid action and completion.

A. This is where we have scheduled/booked a job in to be completed at a certain time or date.

A. Our usual times of reaction range from 2 hours to 30 days. Depending on the urgency.

A. We have joiners, roofers, electricians, plumbers, floor layers and pest control ready to react.

A. Feel free to ask the team if we can help, as we will try our best to accommodate any request.

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